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HλLF of my LIFE

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Here will be text…

A confession of the cruel crank

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

I’m senseless and indifferent fool. I can’t feel love, emotions and compassion. I’m free from the good, pity and mercy. All of my actions are only the realization of one big bad motive. I’ll never understand human caress and virtue.

If you want to have success in your life, please, don’t follow me, don’t do business with me and don’t try to help. All you’ll get is many troubles and wasting your time. Don’t lie yourself and don’t give me an occasion to manipulate you. Don’t try to love me, because you’ll break your heart. Don’t be friends with me, because falsehood and deception waits for you. Don’t help me because you’ll come to nothing and you’ll be very much disappointed. Guard yourself from me, what will save others from mistakes and sufferings.

I’ve become disillusioned with this world because it is not absolute. My attempt to change it had failed, because of my scanty abilities and skills, and the inability to live among people. After that I’ve changed. I’ve become a moral freak and derelict for the society. I feel that I’m a burden in this world for everybody, who doesn’t even guess that I exist.

Please, leave me alone in my own world, world of vacuum, coldness and cruelty. Let me die in loneliness.